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$848K Ring Sold At Auction 0

A diamond ring purchased for ‎£10 ($13) has sold for £656,750 ($847,667) — roughly double its initial estimated value of ($325,000) to £350,000 ($456,000) — at the Sotheby’s Fine Jewels auction in London last night. The 26-carat ring was first purchased in the 1980s by an anonymous seller, who bought the jewel at a car […]

kfc’s New Sauliflower Burger Looks Awful 0

No one does dead birds wrapped in bread and greese better than KFC. In an attempt to troll healthy eaters KFC UK and KFC Ireland tweeted a video of their new “#CleanEating burger,” a chia seed-topped cauliflower bun containing spiralised chicken breast dressed with “ice cube relish” and 100% British kale. Right. Coming Monday: the […]

Mysterious Sea Creature Found In The Philippines (PHOTO) 8

The remains of a large sea creature washed up on a beach in the Dinagat Islands, Philippines on Wednesday afternoon. Sky News reported, the unidentified creature, which measured 4.5 metres (15 feet) in length, surprised local residents. The carcass, believed to be that of a sea cow, according to the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic […]

California Drought Finallu Ends With Heavy Rains 0

With heavy rain in many of California’s coastal cities for the past couple months, the worst effects of the drought in many areas is over. Steady rains since October, combined with near-normal rainfall from Pacific storms last winter, have all but ended the drought in regions of Northern California, reports KTLA. “The two big holdouts […]

Hotel Fire In Nanchang China Kills 10 Injures Dozens More 0

China hotel fire NanchangAccording to media reports Saturday, thousands of people are feared dead or trapped after a fire broke out at a multi-storey luxury hotel in east China’s Jiangxi province on Saturday, authorities said. Xinhua news agency reports the fire was first spotted on the second floor of the HNA Platinum Mix Hotel in […]

Siberian Tiger knocks Down Drone: Watch 0

We all know that tigers are skill hunters. Their fierce preditor instinct inspires fear and dread among both the animal kingdom and humans. But, how often have you heard a tiger chasing a drone? Never? Well, here it is then. In an offbeat effort to make the tigers flex their muscles, the officials of a Siberian […]

Man Flying Drone Causes Elk Stampede 4

Drone causes 1,500 elk to charge in Wyoming snow Wildlife refuge officials say a man with a drone caused 1,500 elk to stampede half a mile. The stampede happened Monday at the National Elk Refuge in western Wyoming. Elk and bison often congregate at the refuge to eat feed put out to help them survive […]

Grey Gardens For Sale: Yours For $20-Million (PHOTO) 0

The famed, once-dilapidated home featured in cult favorite documentary Grey Gardens is up for sale. reports Newsday, The newly renovated East Hampton home is listed for $19.995 million. Grey Gardens, the mansion occupied by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ aunt Edith Bouvier Beale (“Big Edie”) and her cousin Edith Beale (“little Edie”), is on the market for the […]

Model Who Hung Off Side Of Dubai skyscraper Responds 1

In an  interview after her death-defying stunt that saw her hang from a Dubai skyscraper, Russian model Viktoria Odintcova told Al Arabiya’s Sarah Dundarawy that she hoped the country will not ban her from returning. Dubai police have summoned Odintcova and her assistance who posed for a video in which she dangled by one arm from […]

Russian Model Hangs Off Side Of Dubai Skyscraper For Photo Stunt 9

Viki Odintcova, a russian model is hot water after publishing a photo on her social media. Cayan Group, the leading property developer in the Middle East, strongly condemned Russian model Odintcova for hanging off the edge of the Cayan Tower roof without any restraints, or safety precautions. According to reports, the terrifying and more imporantly, […]