Lake Berryessa ‘Glory Hole’ Continues To Drain (PHOTO)

The heavy rainfall occurring in means the iconic “Glory Hole” is flowing again.

That’s not a typo either.

According to reports, record rainfall scattered across the state in 2016, helping to fill Lake Berryessa almost to the brim, KRON-TV reports. This event marks the first time in nearly a decade that water has flown into the lake’s unique spillway at the Monticello Dam.

Commonly called the “Glory Hole” by residents and tourists in the area, the spillway is officially called the “Monticello Dam Morning Glory Spillway.”

“The fact that the lake is finally going to fill up again is special,” Dianna Englebrecht told the Mercury News. “The power, the energy of it, it’s something you don’t see every day.”

The hole functions similar to a drain in a sink or tub — it just sits at the top of the lake instead of the bottom.

When the lake’s water levels rose, it began to overflow at the top of the pipe connecting to the river, which spans 8-foot-wide and 200-foot-long, and ran at a rate of 48,400 cubic feet of water per second.

The lake and dam are a source of water and electricity for California’s North Bay area.

Sources: KRON 4 | Los Angeles Times

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12 Responses to Lake Berryessa ‘Glory Hole’ Continues To Drain (PHOTO)

  1. Mike D says:

    glory. hole. are you serious? I think in these modern times, you may want to find a better description. Perhaps…whirlpool. Let me know if you need some additional help here, it’s needed.

  2. CincyFlyer says:

    “Morning Glory spillway” is the correct (factually and politically) term.

  3. Douche mcgee says:

    I got some efficient draining from a glory hole just this morning. know what I mean hahaa

  4. Larry W. Jones says:

    The original meaning of “glory hole” was just a hole in the ground that provided ventilation to gold miners–if you stepped into such a hole, you might “go to glory” because there was no telling how deep the hole might be. But I do admit to tee-heeing every time I see this term used in the straight press, because I suspect the writer does not know its current meaning.

  5. Vacavillan says:

    It’s been called that for as long as I can remember and I’m 58. I live about 10 miles from the lake. Take your politically correct/mind in the gutter opinion elsewhere. We don’t care what you think it should be called. It was never (and still isn’t) meant to be a crude or derogatory term.

  6. Gmmattafied says:

    Vacavillan nailed it!
    I live in Woodland and have the same thoughts as you do.

  7. Doc says:

    I totally agree with Vacavillian. Glory hole is the common term of many uses. An opening in the furnace where a glassblower gathers the molten glass on the end of his BLOW PIPE or punt is a GLORY HOLE. A safe place where a worker stands when performing a dangerous job in a foundry or steel mill is called a GLORY HOLE. In Juneau, Alaska, a local church’s mission of feeding hungry people downtown is called THE GLORY HOLE. Just because your mind runs in the gutter doesn’t mean everyone’s does.

  8. Tonya Valdes says:

    These dumb asses need to grow up….and of course its men that make jokes about a glory hole…all still little boys mentally.

  9. William says:

    You know, If you’d pull the sticks out of your asses, you MIGHT find a sense of humor attached to the end..

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