Mysterious Sea Creature Found In The Philippines (PHOTO)

sea creature has washed up on a beach in the Philippines" width="600" height="437"> A huge, hairy mysterious has washed up on a beach in the Philippines

The remains of a large washed up on a beach in the Dinagat Islands, Philippines on Wednesday afternoon.

Sky News reported, the unidentified creature, which measured 4.5 metres (15 feet) in length, surprised local residents.

The carcass, believed to be that of a sea cow, according to the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) Manila, washed up on a beach in Barangay Poblacion, Cagadianao.

Several suggested that the beast could be Appa, a fictional character from the Nickelodeon animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Austin Blanch‏@austinblanch tweeted saying: ‘Yhink it’s appa. Or a big Shitzu. I could be wrong.’

While another Twitter user, J Flow, said: ‘It’s that creature from The Neverending Story.’

The creature was already in a state of advanced decomposition when found.

Teodoro L. Alipayo, who took these videos and pictures, told Reuters that a sample of the specimen has been taken to BFAR Manila for laboratory experimentation to determine the species and cause of death.

The huge white hairy beast is thought to have come ashore following a recent earthquake

The huge white hairy beast is thought to have come ashore following a recent earthquake

The carcass has a total length of 6.3 meters (20.6 feet), excluding the tail which is missing, and a total width of two meters (6.6 feet) from the dorsal to pectoral fin.

Alipayo said that the bones are being preserved as a memento of this rare event.

Cheeck out a video of the Mysterious below.

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8 Responses to Mysterious Sea Creature Found In The Philippines (PHOTO)

  1. Lisa says:

    I can’t see it in the picture too well, but are those hooves on the creature? Maybe it’s a yak who met a bad end. Yaks are big and hairy, right?

  2. Aaron says:

    Oh my god the yetti fell into the sea!

  3. Shadow says:

    Yak’s are not 20 feet long, nor do they have frickin dorsal or pectoral fins.

    • Ciel says:

      Actually it was not even close to twenty feet long it very well could be a yak taking this creature was only about 6.6 feet in length so it could very well be a yak

  4. Jesse says:

    Manatees, commonly called sea cows, only grow to about 12 or 13 feet. If this is actually a sea cow then it is the Hydrodamalis gigas which was thought to have been hunted to extinction in the 1700s. If that’s what it is, this is good news. It means they are still out there.

  5. Cassandra says:

    Either a Sea Cow or Frilled Shark. Whatever it is it’s been in something’s stomach for awhile.

  6. RJ Law says:

    I enjoy the scientific method employed of using some sort of dull blade to awkwardly saw at the animal while a drove of people encircle it.

  7. McCain says:


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