California secede: States Exit Effort Moves Forward (UPDATE)

Since the election of Donald Trump, the idea of ​​a “Calexit” – an exit from of the United States – seduces more than one in this state of the west coast which has majority voted for Hillary Clinton. The campaign of “Yes California”, which militates for a secession of the Golden State, is gaining ground. Its supporters were even allowed to collect the signatures necessary for such a measure to be put to a vote in 2018.

” Not my president .” In the street or on social networks, this expression has become one of the key slogans of the opponents of Donald Trump. Especially in California, where the population voted more than 61% in favor of Hillary Clinton, with 4.2 million votes more than his opponent.

In a state renowned for its progressive positions on issues of ecology and society, ‘s victory had the effect of a cold shower, to the point that the idea of ​​a secession began to make its way .

Thousands of Californians went out to protest in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s victory, in order to let the billionaire know that they were ” not their president .” On Twitter, the keyword #Calexit , designating nothing less than a exit from the Union, became viral within hours. So far marginal, the secessionist option, also called “Caleavefornia” or “Califrexit”, has even received significant support.

Investors and Policies

Entrepreneur Shervin Pishevar, co-founder of Hyperloop, who has invested in Uber or Airbnb, has announced that it will fund ” a legitimate campaign to make become its own nation “, suggesting that the latter could Called ” New “. Other bosses and figures from Silicon Valley followed suit.

Evan Low, Democratic Representative to the State Assembly, had even committed, in the event of Donald Trump’s victory, to support the presentation of a bill on the independence of California. And it may well be that the elected Democrat will have to keep his word in the months to come. For beyond the declarations, the “Calexit” has recently taken a more concrete turn.

“Yes California”

At the end of January, Secretary of State Alex Padilla gave the go-ahead for activists in the “Yes California” campaign to start collecting nearly 600,000 signatures for the measure to be voted on Of the legislative elections of November 2018. They will have to collect precisely 585,407 signatures by 25 July, the equivalent of 8% of the registered in this state of 39 million inhabitants.

If the campaign succeeds – it currently has close to 19,700 signatures – this would pave the way for a referendum on state independence in 2019. It would then be necessary for 50% of the on 55% of them are in favor of secession. But the difficulties do not end there. The measure should then face a major obstacle: the Constitution of the United States of America.

A legally impossible secession

For, as the experts point out, the latter does not provide for any secession of a State of the Union. ” The Constitution has procedures for integrating new states or subdividing existing states, but there is no procedure for the secession of a state, ” says David Carrillo, a law professor at the University of Berkeley , In an interview with USA Today . ” There is no legal basis for this. ”

The Constitution of the State of itself states that ” the State of is an inseparable part of the United States ” and that ” the Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the country “. In addition , the Supreme Court decision in Texas v. White Treaty of 1869 , holding that no State may leave the Union except with ” a revolution or the consent of States “. A revolution being a priori excluded, remains the consent, which would be expressed through the adoption of a constitutional amendment legalizing the secession of a state.

” However, in order to amend the Constitution, a minimum of two-thirds of the votes in both chambers is required, and three-quarters of the states must ratify it,” analyzes Frédérick Douzet, a professor at the Institut français de géopolitique and specialist Of California. So already there, we are on an impossible mission “. The Constitution has been amended only seventeen times in the history of the United States and it seems unlikely that the country leaves its most important state in terms of population and gross domestic product to emancipate itself. This power of is one of the arguments of the separatists.

Sixth World Power

Worn by Sillicon Valley and Hollywood, Golden State is at the forefront of technological innovation, the film industry and entertainment. This is also where are some of the poles of research and hotels ar universities x country, like Stanford, Berkeley or Caltech. is also the leading producer of fruit and vegetables in the United States and its wine now enjoys an international reputation. By 2015, its GDP stood at $ 2.45 billion, representing 13% of that of the United States.